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Longlong Wang, 0

Opis: The aim of the dissertation was to study aerosol loading distributions and properties over the Vipava valley, a representative hot-spot for complex mixtures of different aerosol types of both anthropogenic and natural origin. An infrared Mie and a two-wavelength polarization Raman lidar systems were used as main detection tools. The polarization Raman lidar, which provides the capability to extract the extinction coefficient, backscatter coefficients, depolarization ratio, backscatter Ångström exponent, lidar ratio and water vapor mixing ratio profiles, was itself designed, built and calibrated as a part of this thesis. Lidar data, combined with in-situ measurements, was used to determine detailed information on different aerosol types. Vertical profiles of aerosol mass concentration were extracted from the Mie lidar data taken in April 2016, where the in-situ measurements of aerosol size distribution and number concentration as well as aerosol absorption coefficient and black carbon mass concentration were used to estimate the mass extinction efficiency (MEE). Aerosol morphology and chemical composition determined by SEM-EDX on sampled particles were used for the identification of primary aerosol types. Two cases with different atmospheric conditions (long range mineral dust transport and local biomass burning) and different expected the dominant presence of specific aerosol types (mineral dust and soot) were investigated in more detail. They revealed significantly different aerosol properties and distributions within the valley, affecting radiative heat exchange. A more detailed investigation of aerosol properties throughout the troposphere in different atmospheric conditions was made possible by the two-wavelength polarization Raman lidar system, deployed in Ajdovščina (town of Vipava valley) from September 2017. Using its aerosol identification capabilities, based on particle depolarization ratio and lidar ratio measurements, it was possible to identify predominant aerosol types in the observed atmospheric structures, for example in different atmospheric layers in the case of the stratified atmosphere. Primary anthropogenic aerosols within the valley were found to be mainly emitted from two sources: individual domestic heating systems, which mostly use biomass fuel and traffic. Natural aerosols, transported over large distances, such as mineral dust and sea salt, were observed both above and entering into the planetary boundary layer. Backscatter contribution of each aerosol type was separated and the corresponding extinction contribution was derived from lidar observations.
Ključne besede: Vipava valley, aerosol distribution, aerosol characterization, lidar remote sensing, in-situ measurements, aerosol loading.
Objavljeno: 23.10.2018; Ogledov: 1748; Prenosov: 31
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Ali je zveza 'v bistvu' res srbizem
Irena Jejčič, 2008

Ključne besede: slovenščina,
Objavljeno: 15.10.2013; Ogledov: 2563; Prenosov: 10
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Ogledov v mesecu: 641

Samoformiranje etičnega subjekta pri Nietzscheju in Foucaultu
Erna Strniša, 2010

Ključne besede: etika, samoformiranje, interpretacije, kritike, disertacije,
Objavljeno: 15.10.2013; Ogledov: 2744; Prenosov: 215
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Ogledov v mesecu: 601

Organizacija majhnega podjetja
Žiga Terdič, 2006

Opis: Majhna podjetja pridobivajo vse bolj pomembno vlogo v gospodarstvu. V primerjavi z velikimi podjetji se lažje prilagajajo razmeram na trgu. Ključi uspešnosti in konkurenčnosti majhnih podjetij na trgu so dobro oblikovana vizija, politika podjetja, struktura organiziranosti ter oblikovanja in izvajanja poslovnih funkcij. Primerjava majhnih podjetij s svojo konkurenco omogoča nenehno izboljševanje. Običajno se podjetja primerjajo z metodo benchmarking. Podobno kot v velikih podjetjih, se tudi v majhnih podjetjih prepletajo vloge podjetnika, managerja in navsezadnje tudi ključnega lastnika.
Ključne besede: diplomske naloge, majhna podjetja, velika podjetja, organizacija, primerjave,
Objavljeno: 15.10.2013; Ogledov: 3832; Prenosov: 895
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Ogledov v mesecu: 506

Bralnomotivacijske strategije pri pouku španščine

Opis: Strokovna monografija (tipologije ni mogoče dodati).
Ključne besede: bralnomotivacijske strategije, poučevanje, literatura pri pouku tujega jezika, španščina
Objavljeno: 07.10.2019; Ogledov: 831; Prenosov: 0
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Ali je v redu pisati 'vredu'
Franc Marušič, 2008

Ključne besede: slovenščina, pravopis,
Objavljeno: 15.10.2013; Ogledov: 5606; Prenosov: 132
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Ogledov v mesecu: 451

Marta Trini, 0

Opis: The detection of Ultra-High-Energy (UHE) neutrinos around and above 10 18 eV (1 EeV) can be the key to answering the long-standing question of the origin of the UHE cosmic rays. The Pierre Auger Observatory is the largest experiment that can detect the extensive air showers produced when the cosmic rays and neutrinos interact in the earth’s atmosphere. In particular, with the Infilled array of the Surface Detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory we can detect sub-EeV neutrino-induced particle showers. In this thesis we demonstrate that it is possible to discriminate neutrino-induced showers from the background showers produced by the more numerous nucleonic cosmic rays. The sensitivity to neutrinos is enhanced in the inclined directions with respect to the vertical to the ground, where cosmic ray-induced showers starting in the upper layers of the atmosphere are dominated by the muonic component of the shower, while deeply- penetrating neutrino showers in contrast exhibit a large electromagnetic component. Based on this idea in this thesis we have developed a search procedure for UHE neutrinos that consists on selecting inclined events in the Infilled array of the Pierre Auger Observatory in which the signals in the water-Cherenkov stations are spread in time, characteristic of the presence of electromagnetic component in the shower. We have established a complete chain of criteria to first select the inclined events among the sample of all events triggering the Infilled array, and then identifying those that have a large electromagnetic component at ground, and hence can be considered as neutrino candidates. We have identified a single variable, the so-called area-over-peak averaged over all of the stations in each event, as a suitable observable for neutrino identification purposes. The neutrino selection was established using extensive Monte Carlo simulations of the neutrino-induced showers in the Infilled array of Auger as well as a fraction of the data assumed to be totally constituted of background nucleonic cosmic rays. Using these neutrino simulations we have also computed the exposure of the Infilled array to UHE neutrinos in the period 1 January 04 - 31 December 2017. Associated systematic uncertainties on the exposure are also described. Expecting no candidate neutrinos in the period up to 31 December 2017, and adopting a differential neutrino diffuse flux dN ν /dE ν = k E ν −2 in the energy range from 0.05 to 1 EeV, we have obtained a 90% C.L. upper limit on the all neutrino flavor, k 90 < 7.97 × 10 −8 GeV cm −2 s −1 sr −1 .
Ključne besede: astroparticles, astrophysical neutrinos, cosmic rays showers, Pierre Auger Observatory, Infilled array
Objavljeno: 03.10.2019; Ogledov: 574; Prenosov: 6
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Kaj pomeni 'tendinogen'
Rok Žaucer, 2006

Ključne besede: slovenščina,
Objavljeno: 15.10.2013; Ogledov: 5138; Prenosov: 8
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Ogledov v mesecu: 443